Loddon Community Energy

Published: 11 August 2022

Loddon Community Energy announces

Site Selection and Energy Champion programme

A new Community Energy company has launched in Basingstoke and is looking for sites and volunteers.

Community Energy Societies have existed for a number of years, and Loddon Community Energy was founded to bring the concept to Basingstoke and the Loddon Valley. A Community Energy Society raises funds from local investors to invest in renewable energy, usually solar on the roofs of public or commercial buildings, although other renewable energy generation, such as the of Reading Hydro project, is possible. The owner of the building gets cheaper electricity, the local investors get a return on their investment, and any surplus is used to benefit the community. Everyone gains from the increase in local green energy.

At the moment all the members of Loddon Community Energy are volunteers, but we expect in time to be able to offer local employment as well.

Loddon Community Energy is now looking for owners of large buildings who would be interested in having solar panels fitted completely free of charge, and in benefitting from a long-term contract to buy cheaper electricity. You would need a public or commercial building with a solid roof, a minimum electricity bill per month during the summer, and a desire to reduce your bills.

In parallel Loddon Community Energy are setting up a network of energy champions to help people across the region to cut their fuel bills and to invest in green technologies for their home. More detail of what's involved is on our website.

If you would be interested in getting involved with Loddon Community Energy, either as a roof owner, an energy champion, an investor or a volunteer please get in touch through our website www.loddoncommunityenergy.org.uk

Loddon Community Energy was founded with the support of HCC and Community Energy South and operates under Community Benefit Society regulations.