Parish Councils have an obligation to provide an allotment site if there is a demand by 10 or more residents. With this in mind, the Parish Council in collaboration with the Borough Council identified the site adjacent to Ajax Close off Hanmore Road as being suitable for development into allotments and this was completed in 2010.

We now have 38 plots on the site and keep a waiting list. Only residents of the Parish of Chineham may have an allotment on the Hanmore Road site. If anyone with a plot moves more than one mile outside of the Chineham parish boundary, they are required to give up their plot.

You are very welcome to add your name to the waiting list by emailing the Assistant Clerk giving your name, full address and phone number. You will receive an acknowledgement from the Assistant Clerk that your name has been added to the list. Please note you may only add your name to the waiting list if you live within Chineham Parish and you may only be offered a plot on our site if you do not already have an allotment plot anywhere else.

There are a number of allotment sites across Basingstoke which are operated by the Borough Council. You can find out more about having an allotment on one of these sites on the Borough Council's website.

The Chineham Allotment rules are reviewed annually and are sent to tenants with the annual rent request. The current rules are also available to view here.

Chineham Allotment Team

The Chineham Allotment Team (CAT) is made up of a number of plot holders who have volunteered to help oversee and manage the allotment site.

CAT's responsibilities include the following activities:

  • Liaising with Chineham Parish Council
  • Reviewing, agreeing and enforcing the allotment rules
  • Overseeing site maintenance
  • Resolving disputes between tenants
  • Addressing concerns raised by neighbouring properties
  • Helping to organise social activities and events