Chineham Fitness Trail

Basingstoke & Deane Borough Council allocated secured developer funds for an outdoor gym/fitness trail in Chineham.

Consultation with Chineham residents during June/July 2011 concluded that the most popular route for the fitness trail follows the existing pedestrian network alongside Petty’s Brook between Toll House Meadow and Cufaude Lane. The trail provides seven fitness stations along a 1750m route which are marked with direction and distance signage.

Each fitness station comprise a bound gravel surface with various items of outdoor equipment. The number of items of equipment per fitness station has been dependent on the available space at each of the proposed sites.

A brief setting out the council’s precise requirements was prepared and shared with Chineham Borough Councillors and the Parish Council. The Parish Council consulted with local residents along the proposed route before a final decision was taken about the location of each fitness station. Following this consultation, the position of some of the pods was changed.

The fitness trail was completed in early 2014.

Please click here to see the route of the Fitness Trail.
Fitness Trail
Fitness Trail