All Parish Councillors must sign a formal declaration of acceptance of office upon election or co-option onto the Parish Council. This includes their agreement to observe the current Code of Conduct adopted by the Parish Council (see the Code of Conduct section).

Parish Councillors have a responsibility to:

  • Attend meetings when summoned to do so
  • Consider in advance of the meeting, the agenda and any related documents which were sent with the summons
  • Take part in meetings and consider all the relevant facts and issues on matters which require a decision including the views of others expressed at the meeting
  • Take part in voting and respect decisions made by the majority of those present and voting
  • Ensure with other Councillors that the Parish Council is properly managed
  • Represent the whole electorate - not just those that voted for them

There was an uncontested Parish election in 2019. For more information you can read the official notice of the uncontested election.

Profiles of Chineham's Parish Councillors can be seen below.


Dave Thornton

David Thornton

David is the Chairman of Chineham Parish Council.

He has lived in Chineham since 1987 and has been a Parish Councillor for over a decade. He is retired after a scientific career in various defence establishments. He has an interest in the natural world and environmental issues and as a Tree Warden was a founding member of the Chineham Conservation Group.

David aims to help conserve the ancient woodland, trees and meadow that make Chineham such a pleasant place live.

David is presently a member of the Planning Committee and is the Parish Tree Warden


Marian Adams

Marian Adams

Marian Adams has lived in Chineham for over 25 years.

Now retired, Marian enjoys flower arranging, gardening and travel.

Marian has been an active member of Neighbourhood Watch for 18 years and is a member of the Chineham Women's Institute.

She is presently a member of the Planning Committee.
Kirsty Giles

Kirsty Giles

Kirsty was co-opted as a Parish Councillor in November 2017.

She has lived in Chineham since she was born and has just graduated from the University of Winchester with a degree in Business Management. 

Her interests include growing her own vegetables and walking her dog around Chineham. She became interested in the work of the Parish Council after attending a meeting as a member of the public and is looking forward to serving as one of Chineham's Parish Councillors.

Kirsty is presently a member of the Planning and Recreation Committees.
Ginny Wright

Ginny Wright

Ginny has lived in Chineham since 1997.

Her interests include photography, gardening, and the environment (especially local flora) and she is a member of the local Neighbourhood Watch. She is committed to recycling and to keeping Chineham a safe and pleasant place in which to live.

Ginny is presently a member of the Recreation Committee and the Parish Council representative on the Incinerator Liaison Panel.


Leslie Fryer

Leslie Fryer

Les Fryer is a Chineham resident and was first co-opted onto the council in February 2001, then again in May 2007.

Now retired (he was company Secretary of a major Trade Association and had worked in the retail trade), he is a Fellow of the Institute of Company Accountants and a Chartered Secretary. He has been involved for many years in the voluntary sector and his special interest on the Parish Council is Finance.

He is presently a member of the following groups and committees:
Finance (Chair)
Basingstoke Association of Parish and Town Councils (BDAPTC)
Chineham Village Hall Management Committee


Paul Miller

Paul Miller

Since leaving the RAF after 25 years as an air traffic controller, Paul has held various jobs in the aviation industry both in the UK and abroad. He lives in Chineham with his wife, Sandra.

Paul has always taken an interest in his local community, serving as a member of a housing association and president of a non-profit organisation whilst in California, running charity events in the UK and abroad and lecturing on security threats to various community groups.

He is presently Vice Chairman of the Parish Council and a member of the Planning Committee.

Paul was elected as a Chineham Ward Borough Councillor in October 2009 and is a Local Authority Governor at Four Lanes Community Junior School.


Andy Clarke

Andy Clarke

Having spent 12 years providing telephony support for a strategic financial organisation, Andy decided a change was due and moved into the world of Service Management, working in Chineham Business Park. This change in career led Andy and his family to move and settle in Chineham in early 2011.

Since then Andy and his wife have celebrated the birth of their second child.

Andy is a member of the Finance Committee and the Vice-Chair of the Recreation Committee.
Sue Fuller

Sue Fuller

After living and working in several places in the UK and in the
Middle East, Sue moved to the Basingstoke area in 2008 taking a project manager position for a Pharma company. Sue has enjoyed living in Chineham since 2009.

She is currently a member of the Planning Committee and is Chair of the Recreation Committee and the Chineham Parish Council representative on the Chineham Allotment Team (CAT).
Cllr. Luke Williams





Luke Williams

Luke was co-opted as a Parish Councillor in November 2020.

He has lived in Chineham since 2014 and graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Sports Development and Coaching Sciences. Luke works in the Finance and Pensions industry and holds the PRINCE2 Practitioner in Project Management qualification. He is looking forward to supporting the local community.

Luke is presently a member of the Finance Committee.