Recreation Projects

Community Facilities in Chineham

Developer contributions were secured by the Borough Council to provide community facilities within Chineham. So far this funding has been used to:

  • Extend the Village Hall
  • Provide allotments to the rear of Ajax Close
  • Create the Chineham Community games area off Great Binfields Road and then add further equipment in 2014
  • Extend the Chineham Scout and Community Hall on Hanmore Road
  • Refurbish the Skate & BMX Track including professional graffiti artwork
  • Provide a new ball court at Four Lanes Junior School
  • Install a running track at the Village Hall
  • Install senior exercise equipment in the field at the Village Hall
  • Install teen climbing equipment in the field at the Village Hall
  • Install a new footpath through Great Binfields Copse linking the footbridge over the A33 with the Chineham Community Games Area
  • Install a fitness trail around Petty's Brook
  • Refurbish the disused playground on Hanmore Road next to Busy Bees nursery
  • Replace the concrete footbridge over Petty's Brook in Tollhouse Meadow

The Parish Council's Recreation Committee are currently working on new community projects in Chineham for 2022, including:


  • Replacing the wooden bridges that give access into the area within the ancient moat between Thornhill Way and Farm View Drive to make the area more accessible for quiet enjoyment of this lovely green space.
  • Installing some new seats beside Petty's Brook - the first of which will be installed in Tollhouse Meadow to replace a popular seat in a similar location which was vandalised and removed some years ago.