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VE Day 75: A commemoration  >> Read more

Temporary road closure: Section of Thornhill Way between A33 and Reading Road.  >> Read more

Temporary footpath closure: Tollhouse Meadow bridge replacement works begin on 7th May.  >> Read more

A33 Junction improvements: Night time working & road closures.  >> Read more

Welcome to Chineham Parish Council

Welcome to the Chineham Parish Council website. To view the website's privacy policy please click here. Within this site you can find contact details together with details of all future meetings, their agendas and the minutes of our latest meetings. There is news on issues affecting the parish, and a calendar of local events that we can add your event to.

Please check the News section on the right of this homepage.  We will use this section to alert you to important news and forthcoming events.

To see the items added to the website most recently, please see the list at the bottom of this page.

Your input on this website is warmly welcomed. We want to know what you dislike and what you like. We are particularly keen to receive ideas on what other information and facilities would be useful. Please send your ideas to the Assistant Clerk.

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Read the items recently added to this website 

21/5/19Planning Committee Meeting 28/5/19 Agenda
16/5/19 Recreation Committee Meeting 23/5/19 Agenda 
Minutes of the Annual Parish Assembly 25/4/19
Full Council Meeting 8/4/19 Minutes
15/5/19 Planning Committee Meeting 23/4/19 Minutes 
7/5/19Planning Committee Meeting 13/5/19 Agenda 
Full Council Meeting 13/5/19 Agenda & associated papers
AGM 13/5/19 Agenda
24/4/19 Planning Committee Meeting 8/4/19 Minutes 
16/4/19 Planning Committee Meeting 23/4/19 Agenda 
Annual Parish Assembly 25/4/19 Agenda
Full Council Meeting 11/3/19 Minutes
9/4/19 Planning Committee Meeting 25/4/19 Minutes 
Full Council Meeting Agenda 8/4/19 & associated papers
2/4/19 Planning Committee Meeting 8/4/19 Agenda 
26/3/19 Planning Committee Meeting 11/3/19 Minutes 
19/3/19Planning Committee Meeting 25/3/19 Agenda
14/3/19 Recreation Committee Meeting 21/3/19 Agenda
12/3/19 Full Council Meeting 11/2/19 Minutes